Cheeks and also chin play an essential role in the overall impact of your face. If they are distorted or otherwise prominent then your face will not look appealing at all. Ladora Clinic also offers the best plastic surgery in Dubai for the improvement of your chin and cheeks. Our best doctor have years of experience in providing you with an amazingly contoured facial structure by fitting your chin as well as cheeks with implants.

If you intend to enhance your facial features with the help of this treatment, then all you need to do is to contact among our greatest plastic surgeons and get an appointment. Our specialist will properly guide you regarding the treatment of the cheek and chin surgical procedure and what things you need to remember before and after the surgery. There are 3 kinds of cheek and chin treatments offered at Ladora Clinic including chin implant, lower jaw implant and also cheek implant.

While conducting the chin implant, your surgeon will place the implant inside your chin by thrusting it through your lower lip. Similar method is adopted while carrying out the lower jaw implant where doctor places the implant inside the lower lip. Cheek implant is a bit difficult as the cosmetic surgeon places implants in the cheeks through lower eyelid or upper lip.

Cheek implants (malar augmentation) can enhance facial harmony by giving better definition to the cheekbones, achieving far better balance with the rest of a person’s face.

Chin augmentation (mentoplasty) is a procedure that transforms a person’s profile by bringing out the chin.

Chin reduction surgical procedure, which involves eliminating excess bone from the chin button, may provide an improvement when the chin protrudes excessively.

If the problem is not the chin itself, but instead excess skin that has collected under the chin, a facelift may be essential rather than chin surgical treatment.