Brow lift procedure is basically concentrated on rejuvenating forehead by elevating the position of the brows. A brow lift will certainly not only boost the look of your forehead but it will certainly likewise improve the appearance of your eyes by removing the wrinkles around your eyes. If you believe that your face looks old, after that having an eyebrow lift will not only provide you with more youthful look but it will certainly also raise your self-confidence level.

Ladora Clinic possesses a group of the very best surgeon in the world who are devoted to providing you with the best anti-aging skin care. So, if you are thinking of getting a brow lift but are worried about the complications associated with the procedure then Ladora Clinics is the best place for you. Among our greatest plastic surgeon will sit with you in order to guide you through the whole procedure.

After you are anesthetized or sedated, your doctor will certainly figure out the area which need to be excised and where the very best incision placements would certainly be for your particular needs. You will have this skin dissected as well as your specialist will certainly move and suture your muscle or skin, depending. Or he may excise or clip your corrugator muscle to prohibit or hinder you from frowning in the future. After the inner job has actually been done your incisions will certainly be sutured and a pressure dressing will be applied.