Also known as “Tummy Tuck”, abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck is the treatment specifically designed to provide you with the perfectly toned tummy that you have always wanted. Having a loose and flabby and lose skin in the tummy area is a grave issue encountered by nearly 70 to 80 percent of the ladies who have gone through a pregnancy. It seems almost impossible to lose this too much skin with the help of workouts or healthy eating. This problem is not just encountered by women but most of the men who have to do their job by sitting in front of the computer for extended hours also experience this problem. In such an instance, an operation like tummy tuck can be a life-saver for you.
Although tummy tuck is just one of one of the most efficient methods to reduce tummy fat, this is a huge surgical procedure, so you need to keep a few points in mind just before making this life-changing decision.

Almost all tummy tuck procedures are done under basic anesthesia. These days, ummy tucks are combined with Lipo and can be performed under local ansthesia. In what many specialists refer to as a full tummy tuck procedure, a surgical incision is made throughout the lower abdominal area right over the pubic area. Following the creation of this initial incision, a second incision is made around the client’s tummy button as a means of loosening up the surrounding skin. Next, the client’s skin is separated from the wall of abdominal area. Following this surgical maneuver, the specialist pulls the loose abdominal muscles from the left and right flanks and sutures them together This action results in tighter abdominal muscles, creating a stronger, firmer abdominal wall and also a smaller waist. Directly after the tightening and suturing of the abdominal muscles, excess skin is eliminated and a new opening is made in the correct position for the belly button.

It takes 2 to 5 hrs. A partial tummy tuck might take 1 to 2 hrs. Patients might go back to work 2 to 4 weeks. However fading and flattening of scars is in between 3 months and 2 years.